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Every fabric, every thread and every stitch has a story behind it. It's bigger than what you see, feel and touch on a day to day basis. At Fiji Made Products, we believe that your product has a story behind it that is worth sharing. Maybe your story is as simple as you being able to put your children through school because of the sales from the products you make. Maybe you have the talent or gifts to create the products, but never had the opportunity to showcase them. Now is your time to step up and cultivate what you were born to do. Whatever your story is, we would love to help showcase and promote your handcrafted products, crafts, island wear and authentic arts to the global market. 

If you have a passion for crafts, making things out of fabrics, or carving things out of wood, and these things are made and manufactured in Fiji, then we would love to connect with you. Feel free to contact us at info@fijimadelive.com and we can walk together on your journey. 

It is our vision and purpose that for every purchase made we will give back to the island of Fiji and its neighboring islands by donating medical supplies and sheets to local hospitals, as well as, reaching out to the young people in rural areas by donating backpacks and school supplies.

"My parents taught me that I could do anything I wanted and I have always believed it to be true. Add a clear idea of what inspires you, dedicate your energies to its pursuit and there is no knowing what you can achieve, particularly if others are inspired by your dream and offer their help." -Pete Goss
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